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Dear Internet Marketer,

ver since I discovered this method of CPA marketing, I've always made money with it – ALWAYS.

Now, let me to guess...

You got into CPA marketing and maybe thought that making money with it was going to be "easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy". Then you find out the cold-hard truth: it's not as easy as it seems!

CPA marketing is great! But like all other marketing, it also requires you to know just that: how to market – and how to do it well...

 There's the Market Research
the Copywriting
the Image or Graphic Design
the Marketing Psychology and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
the Follow Up Email Marketing
Yada, yada, yada... and the list goes on

Quite a lot when you think about it.

But, what if there was an easier way to earn money with CPA?

And one that didn't necessarily require you to be a marketing guru or genius?

What if there was a way to earn money with CPA using just the current site and traffic you have now?

And as Weird & Unusual as it sounds...

What if there was a way where you could actually Force, Entice and even Bribe people to give YOU money by having them complete CPA offers?

There is such a way...

It's called Incentivized CPA Marketing

Now, if you're an Internet Marketing newbie and are looking to monetize your website and make money online...

Or, if you're new to CPA and have never made money with it...

And even if you're familiar with CPA, but are struggling to earn more...

Then read every word on this page...

Hi, this is Jay Garces Jr.

I discovered the Incentivized Networks several years ago after I had a bout with the "Big C" (a.k.a. Cancer) and then being laid off from my J-O-B.

And I can confidently tell you this..., it's one of the fastest and easiest ways I've seen to monetize your web site or content.

When I first started playing around with Incentivized CPA Marketing, I was happy to make only a few extra dollars a day.

I was actually looking to earn more money from one of my web sites – which like may other sites, was being monetized with just Adsense.

But after I started understanding the real power behind this – my income started going through the roof!


Disclaimer: The above are indicative of my results over the course of several months.
They are not a guarantee of income. Your results will vary.

What The Heck is this Weird Method of
CPA Marketing Anyway?

Let's get some details out of the way shall we?

CPA stands for "Cost per Action" or "Cost per Acquisition".

It's actually an advertising model that pays out based on some kind of completed action. For example: submitting an online form, making a purchase, signing up for a trial offer, downloading software, etc.

Incentivized CPA is practically the same thing... except that you are allowed to offer a prospect an incentive (like a bribe or reward) for getting an advertiser's offer.

Essentially, you're telling someone, "hey, if you get that... then I'll give you this reward as well".

Now, let me ask you something...

How easy would it be to get someone to complete some kind of action like... if you were to offer him or her a reward; or a legal and ethical "bribe" to get it?

A reward that actually gave the recipient value... and even made her happy to receive it.

Well, if you can do that - then you can make a nice income doing exactly what I've done.

Here's How it Works...

Incentivized offers are typically promoted via a web site using a software tool called a "Content Locker" or "Gateway Widget".

In short, what you do is use an incentive (a reward, or ethical bribe) to get your visitors to complete surveys or offers.

Once a visitor completes an offer or survey - you earn money.

Yes, it's really that simple!

Can You Follow These 5 Simple Steps?

$1, $2, $5, $10 – and sometimes even more – for each and every completed action!

Watch How Easy it Is to Put Into Action...

Listen – before I ever got into Traditional CPA Marketing, I made thousands with Incentivized CPA.

Incentivized CPA is the "Sweetheart" of the CPA Marketing Industry because...

  • You can literally start right away using your site and existing traffic
  • You can actually control HOW MUCH you get paid. Yes! This is HUGE!
  • It's a great solution to building Passive Income WITHOUT having to build Membership Sites
  • They can pay you a heck of a lot more money than Adsense!

As a matter of fact when I first discovered this method, I was actually looking for an alternative to Adsense. And I hit the Jackpot!

If you want to learn just about everything there is to know about this Crazy, Weird Way of doing CPA – then grab this inexpensive guide now.

I dare you to find a more in-depth, ultra-detailed guide!

... And one so detailed that teaches you step-by-step how to make money with Incentivized CPA.


  • The exact strategies and tactics that will guarantee success with this method
  • The 3 things you need to make money using this method
  • What makes people so receptive to incentives
  • 5 different ways to get traffic to your sites
  • 12 different types of content proven to work with this method (You likely already have it)
  • The 1 type of content you want to avoid
  • How and Where to get content if you don't have any
  • The Top Incentivized CPA Networks I've tested and recommend for making money with this method. I tell you which ones to join!
  • How to plan your content locker & offer delivery strategy to increase your chances of success
  • How to set your content locker settings right from the beginning to start earning the most money right away
  • How your content lockers impact your earnings
  • How to design your content lockers for maximum conversions and profits
  • What colors have worked best for me to increase my conversions
  • What widget delivery strategy will likely earn you more money
  • The #1 content locker design that has worked best for me on one major Network
  • Controlling what you actually get paid. YES! This method of CPA Marketing actually let's you do this!
  • The #1 thing you MUST do to increase your earnings and make them keep going up
  • The Top key things you should always test
  • Understanding how your EPC or Earnings per Click plays a part in Incentivized CPA marketing
  • Why not to get too caught up with your Earnings per Click
  • A slick tactic to increase your conversions and almost double your earnings on this one network
  • Plus much more!

The strategies and tactics I explain in my guide are based on months of constant testing.

I've tested hundreds of thousand of impressions...

Tens of thousands of clicks...

And have generated over 10,000 leads – so you know the results are real.

Now – as great as my Guide is, it's NOT for everyone...

Stop! Read This Now...

Who This Is For

  • Newbies, Beginners, Novices
  • Anyone who's struggling to make money online
  • Anyone already doing Incentivized CPA who wants to earn more

Who This Is NOT For

  • Those already making a good income with CPA
  • Those seeking "Push-button" and "Magic" income or "Get-rich-quick" schemes
  • Haters and Negative people – you know who you are!
  • Lazy people – Yes! There's some work involved with this method such as copying and pasting, checking your earnings, and a few other things. If you're too lazy to do that – then this isn't for you.

Now, if you're in that second group above – then just click away.

This method is only for those that are willing to put it into action... and want to get results.

So, don't delay.

Order now and finally start monetizing your web site
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Listen, I've earned at least $26,268.66 with this method – on just one network alone.

And although I can't promise you that you'll make exactly the same thing...

I can promise you that I give you Everything You Need to Succeed.

I leave NO stone unturned!

(And remember... all you have to do is slap on the code to your current site to begin the process)

Of course...

I stand 100% behind my products!

With my kick-butt Money-back Guarantee – you have nothing to lose!

Why Buy From Me?

I've been marketing online for quite a long time and am active on the Warrior Forum and other well-known Facebook Jv and Marketing groups. I even appear in the book, "The Rock Stars of" with Joel Comm & E. Brian Rose.

Ask around. Ask big-named marketers like William Murray, William Souza, or Tim Miranda about me. Or, check my posts on the Warrior Forum... I'm the one typically answering the questions.

The products I create are based on things I've actually done...

And also based on results I've actually achieved – results backed up by solid testing.


You're Protected With My
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I GUARANTEE this is the most in-depth information you’ll ever receive about Incentivized CPA Marketing & Content Locking that I back it up with my 30-Day “Tough As Nails” Money Back Guarantee!

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Onward and Forever Upward,

J. Garces Jr.

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