The #1 Incentivized CPA Marketing Tactic
for Monetizing Your Website Content

Incentivized CPA Marketing provides you with uniquely powerful methods to monetize your site's content. Below is an overview of the #1, most popular method you can use.

There are many ways you can monetize your web site  nowadays. For example, there's...

E-Commerce - where you can sell all types of goods;

Advertising - where you call sell space on your site to 3rd party merchants who wish to promote their goods and services;

And Affiliate Marketing - where you can earn commissions by referring customers to a merchant's products.

Of course, all this is made possible thanks in part to technologies like PHP, Javascript, and Database Management Systems.

But don't let those big techy words scare you. Many site  monetization methods simply require you to add only a few lines of code to your site.

One such method is called Content Locking. And what sets it apart from other site monetization methods is the speed in which it delivers results.

Content Locking is an CPA Affiliate Marketing method whereby visitors to your site are not allowed access to your content until they complete a merchant's offers. It basically works like this:

  • A visitor comes to your site
  • The visitors goes to view your content, but can't because it's "locked" with a "Content Locker"
  • Your content locker asks your visitor to complete an offer
  • The visitor completes an offer and is shown your content
  • At this time, the offer's merchants gets a new lead in their system and you earn a commission

This method has been around now for several years and is part of  the Incentivized CPA Industry. Incentivized CPA is a subset of the CPA or "Cost-per-Action" Marketing Industry. And of all the methods you can use, this can quite likely be one of the most effective - and admittedly unusual - methods of site monetization.

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